Welcome to the Curlunity

“Every other girl got a perm or extensions, but you don’t even rarely wear lipstick; still your beauty is a natural mystic.” – Dead PrezCurly-Nikki-logo-300x232

So I know I’m totally new to the natural hair blog community, well as I like to call it, the Curlunity, but I couldn’t do it without the help of some other natural hair bloggers. One of my favorite Natural hair bloggers that I have followed for some time now is Curly Nikki. Curly Nikki, also known as Nikki Walton, has inspired many African American women throughout the natural hair community. From her natural hair story to her regimen, she continues to inform many of us as we take on our hair journeys and encourages us to flaunt our kinks and curls.

What I like most about Nikki Walton’s “Curly Nikki” blog is how she is so active with all of her followers. You can find her on almost any social media site and she will definitely respond back to you. She keeps up with her blog by giving us new material and advice almost every day on what’s a new hair trend or new products us naturalistas should try. If it wasn’t for her I certainly wouldn’t have most of the hair products I do under my restroom sink. PRODUCT JUNKIE!

One thing that certainly sets Nikki aside from any other natural hair blogger is that she has created her own Curly Nikki mobile app for free! It is an amazing opportunity for the community to share hair care tips on the go. This totally means I can do this instead of paying attention in class right? Within 5 months of her app launch there were a total of 45,000 downloads! Now if that doesn’t scream success, then I don’t know what does. Keep up the good work Curly Nikki. Myself and other natural hair sistas support you.

Your soul sista,




No Lye

” Good hair means curls and waves, bad hair means you look like a slave; At the turn of the century it’s time for us to redefine who we be.” – India Arie


RELAXER… PERMS… CREAMY CRACK! We’ve heard it all, but what exactly is it? Lye- based relaxers are known as  a type of lotion and/or cream that are used to permanently straighten natural curls. The first history of a perm is dated back in 1909 with Garrett Augustus Morgan. Hair relaxing can be performed by a professional cosmetologist or at home with a relaxer kit. To maintain a good appearance, you should get a new treatment every 8-10 weeks. The relaxer is applied to the base of the hair shaft and remains in place as the hairs texture alters. Once the relaxer is rinsed clean, it is important to use conditioner immediately after to replace some natural oils that were stripped away.

Relaxers contain very powerful chemicals which is needed if you want your kinks and curls altered. Depending on your hair type, relaxers might cause damage, breakage and weaken your hair growth. Why would anyone want damage to their hair? Growing up African American women were looked down upon for having Afro hair like I stated in one of my previous blog posts. Society made it seem like we had to have straight hair or we wouldn’t fit in or get the same benefits as other women. Hair segregation? Maybe. But that’s besides the fact that we shouldn’t put these harsh chemicals in our hair.

I used to get perms for the longest. My mom pretty much got tired of dealing with my “nappy” kinks and curls and would slap on a relaxer. It seemed as though my hair continued to grow with relaxers, but once I got to my freshman year of high school I realized that my hair wasn’t really growing. I finally decided to stop putting relaxers in my head senior year and began transitioning to natural again (which I will discuss in another post.) I think African American women should embrace their nappiness and love their kinky curls because it’s what makes us unique from anybody else. Say no to the Lye and kiss those chemicals goodbye!

Your soul sista,



Curl Friends

” Pick up the can of Afro sheen and do the Afro dance.” – Les Nubians

Well hello my fellow queens and kings. It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. It’s been a crazy week as it’s spring break and I’m currently battling a 103 degree fever. However, that isn’t going to stop me from informing my curl friends on this current topic: curl patterns.

African American hair has a unique texture that often times needs special care and styling needs. The Texture Typing System details the multiple ways of wavy, curly and coily hair. You don’t necessarily have to know your exact curl pattern, however, when you do it allows you to figure out which hair products work best for your kinky curly hair. The best way to figure out your curl pattern is after you washed your hair and it dries with no product in it.IMG_3331

Type 3 hair is curly hair. Most of the time if you pull type 3 hair you will notice it forms an “S” shape.  This hair type is full bodied, climate dependent, and very damage prone. Lack of proper care will make dull curls. Type 4 hair is kinky curly. This tightly coiled hair is fine, fragile and delicate. You will notice that each strand usually has a zig zag pattern. Kinky hair is the driest hair type, thus it is more prone to breakage and requires a gentle touch. Kinky curly hair grows at the same rate as other texture, however, if not treated properly it breaks easily.

What inspired me to write about this is this awesome poem that I  came across:


In My Nappy Hair

In my nappy hair
exists exotic energy
that has been here for centuries
strengthening me continuously for infinity
allowing me to muster the ability
to see, act and think clearly.

In my nappy hair
The soul of Afrika lives
Which gives
my spirit culture and foundation
Enlightens me on the essence of creation
Brings me education and elevation
of the truth of my beloved Nubian nation

In my nappy hair are Afrikan songs
that make me STRONG
that tells me who I am and where I belong.

In my nappy hair
There is positivity in a large capacity
traveling at high velocities
possessing infinite possibilities
of peace, progression and prosperity.

In my nappy hair is powerfully
refined protein
packed with profound principle
which makes me an invincible King.

In my nappy hair
Knowledge, wisdom and insight
have been twisted together to loc
forming forces of passion and fire

My nappy hair
is natural
is magical
is spiritual
is original

In my nappy hair

– UniverSoul

I could read this poem over and over again and it will forever make me feel good about myself and my natural hair. African American women should cherish their afrocentric hair and know that their hair doesn’t define them.

Your soul sista,