Braid It till you make it

” That chick with da braids.” – Mario

I’m back! Today was such an interesting day for me guys. Church went well and I made the decision to be baptized. I’m really proud of myself for making this decision on my own. I’m now going to share with you guys my last favorite protective style; Braids.

Braids are very popular in the African American community. Also known as cornrows, this protective style is braided close to the scalp and can be put in many different designs. Braids require little maintenance as long as the natural hair is oiled and washed frequently. There are different types of style of braids- some include cornrows, box braids and micro braids. The only difference between them are the size of the braids themselves.

Although majority of men and women get braids in the summer time, they’re also nice to have in the winter as well. They allow us to protect our natural hair from the harsh winters and summers. Out of twists, weaves and braids, my favorite protective hairstyle is probably weave. I love being able to have long or short flowy hair while being able to protect my natural hair. I don’t think I’ve ever not had a protective style throughout my whole life. I’ve been switching it up for as long as I could remember.

Your soul sista,




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