The Beginning of the End

IMG_3946[1]Alright my naturalistas. We’ve finally come to the end of our journey. It’s crazy because at first I didn’t think I was going to be interested in blogging but I’ve learned to love it. It’s another way for me to express myself to my followers and connect them to topics that I’m interested in. I found it effective that WordPress and its components were easy for me to learn. I was able to take the tools given to me and showcase them in my blog posts. If there’s one thing I’d improve with the blog posts, I would require us to do more because this was a lot of fun. LOL This was definitely a learning experience for me and could help me in my future with becoming a publicist someday.

My most popular week was my birthday week, April 11th- April 17th. I had a total of 61 views with 32 visitors. Wow, y’all actually pay attention to my blog posts- that’s awesome. My most popular post of the year was my “The Power of the Fro” blog with 37 views. I think that was the most popular because it was my introduction to what natural hair is and the history behind it. It was surprising seeing the amount of views I’ve gotten because I didn’t expect that many people to really be interested in it and check it out.

I’ve had so much fun sharing my love for natural hair with you guys in my blog posts. I would totally take FDOM all over again just to do this again. Who knows, maybe I’ll continue blogging.

Your soul sista,



Go Natural or Go Home

“We don’t go natural- we return. Natural is where it began” – UnknownIMG_3602[1]

Wassup wassup wassup my fellow naturalistas. I can ‘t believe it’s finals week like whaaaaaaaa??!!! Hope everyone has been preparing. I really haven’t too much, especially since I saw Beyoncé in concert this weekend. It was literally a dream come true. The fact that it was in her hometown, Houston, was the icing on the cake. I’m kind of sad this is technically my last blog post of the semester. Therefore, I’m gonna make it about my natural hair journey.

I had been getting relaxers for as long as I could remember. Up until my sophomore year of high school to be exact. My mother always claimed that my hair was nappy and she didn’t want to do it, therefore started making me get perms. I noticed that with the perms it looked as if my hair was growing and becoming longer but it wasn’t. It was like I couldn’t grow my hair passed shoulder length and that wasn’t exciting at all. Therefore, I resulted to braids and weaves to start growing my natural hair out which then became my transitioning stage.

Doing the big chop was a big NO for me. I refused to chop off all of my hair and pretty much have a TWA. So, I decided to transition. I transitioned for 2 1/2 years before cutting off the rest of my relaxed ends. The difference in my natural hair compared to my relaxed was very noticeable. My natural hair had more volume and was thicker compared to being dry and brittle. Going natural was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I know it’s just hair but us girls take our hair very seriously. Healthy natural hair for the win.

Your soul sista,